Solidale Italiano

When we say Fair Trade, you were probably thinking faraway places, exotic plantations, tropical sunsets, weren’t you? Well, think again!

The earth is round, remember? That’s the same big sun shining down on all of us. It is important to have caring hands lined up all around the globe to safeguard the future of our beautiful planet and its people.

So here is a wonderful assortment closer to home, in the sun-drenched south of Italy!

Italian Organic Farming Meets Fairtrade

Italian organic producers combine tradition with the newest technologies to produce the best organic quality, with the guarantee of an ethical and fair supply chain.

Qualità Italiano!

Production of top quality organic produce

Ten farms located in the southern regions of Italy have joined hands in order to realise their mutual goals: to be leaders in the production of top quality organic produce with respect for the earth, for their people and for their time-honoured Italian traditions. They are united in the brand Solidale Italiano.

Partnered by the Italian BIA consortium, together they are working towards the Italian dream: good food combined with social justice. Or in other words: environmental sustainability combined with social sustainability. To help with the European distribution of the sun-packed fruits and vegetables that these farmers bring to market, AgroFair has setup this brand Solidale Italiano.

Solidale Italiano

Agriculture = Solidarity

The farms that are united in the brand Solidale Italiano (founded in 2010) are located in Sicily, Sardinia, Calabria, Puglia and Campania. They are all leaders in organic production in their respective fields (fruit, vegetables and potatoes). All are bound together by their commitment to these values:

  • To ensure the cultivation of organic products in full compliance with environmental sustainability;

  • To oppose all forms of human and ecological exploitation;

  • To ensure fair and stable prices;

  • To promote social projects for vulnerable groups in society;

  • To set high quality standards;

  • To maintain a short production chain

Ancient Traditions

Our fruit and vegetables are certified 100% organic and produced by Italian growers only.

Ancient traditions

The farms in Southern Italy are proud of their ancient traditions. Business is often handed down from father to son, or, in modern times, from mother to daughter. Farming techniques are based on the collective wisdom of many generations and the farmlands where these products are cultivated have been lovingly tended for many years. The earth is rich with the bountiful influences of the sun and the Mediterranean sea.

Although Italy has a well-deserved reputation of having a great eye for beauty, where food is concerned looks must always be second to taste! In true Italian tradition, any Italiano would rather eat their shoe than compromise on flavour. Savourless mass production is frowned upon and flavourful products of good quality are considered worth their price.

Social standards

Our adage is: “Buono con le persone e con ta terra”. Workers’ rights are very important to us. Although social standards are sometimes challenged in southern Italy, healthy working conditions, fair pay, good opportunities for social climbing through proper education and social activities to secure, protect and help vulnerable groups in society are non-negotiables to us. We will always keep an eye out for our workers and their surroundings.

Short chain of production

To keep production and product processing the same location is an important part of our strategy. All the farms in the collective are equipped with their own processing and packing house, close to the agricultural area. The produce, fresh from the earth, is processed directly by the farmer. The warehouses in the north of Italy are only used for “groupage” (grouping).


Our farms and products are certified, to prove that we aspire to the highest quality standards. Short chains of production (production and product processing on the same location) and high-standard quality control make sure that our fruits and vegetables reach you in perfect shape!

In addition to classic organic certifications, the majority of Bia members are also Grasp certified (or equivalent). Grasp certification places special emphasis on social aspects and on safety in the workplace and for workers.